8 FREE things to do in Stockholm (summer)

Originally posted: 2023-07-27

Today I think I´m going to write about stuff you can do for free in Stockholm.
I have no problem with spending money on interesting things but I also think that it´s really important that there are places in our societies where we can go, and things we can do, without having to spend money. Life shouldn´t only be accessible to those who can afford to pay.

This is also why I try to use the library as often as I can and try to go to openings at communal art-centers and other places that are government funded (or free for some other reason) and I encourage you to do the same!

Stockholm city library was designed by Gunnar Asplund and is an example of the style Swedish grace (Swedish Art Deco)

List of FREE things to do in Stockholm

Go see a play! (free theater)
During summer Parkteatern arranges many different events in the parks of Stockholms. Chose between theater plays, circus performances and concerts. And the best part is that all the events are free! The rule is First come first served – so make sure to go early to grab some good seats. Bring snacks and an umbrella in case it starts raining.

Explore the Old town (Gamla stan)
The Old town is probably full of tourists if you happen to be here summertime. But don´t let that set you off – it is still worth visiting. The atmosphere in the winding alleys is cozy and if you come here at night you can almost imagine living in another time.
Most of the buildings are from 17th-18th century but the old town was established in 13th century.

Gamla stan has a lot of cozy medieval cafés

Visit a museum
Stockholm has a lot of museums with free admission. Some of the museums are always free while some have specific admission-free days. So no matter if you are in to arts or history or royals, there should be something for you. Check out this list

Standup at Big Ben bar
If you are a fan of stand up you should head to the Big Ben bar located in Södermalm! The admission to the stand up is free but you still need to book a ticket to get a place. You can book a ticket here. If your Swedish happen to suck choose a thursday. Half of the show is in english on thursdays


Climb up to Fåfängan!
Who doesn´t like a good view? Tourists usually head out to Fjällgatan to take pictures of Stockholm. But if you are not up to struggling for space with all the other tourists – head up to Fåfängan. The building on the top was built in the 18th century by a wealthy businessman but later it become a café. The café has unfortunately closed down for unknown reasons, but the view is still there!

Tourists gathering up at Fjällgatan

The millenium walk
If you are a book lover you probably have heard of Stieg Larssons Millenium-trilogy! The books rose to fame when they were published in 2005-2007. If you want to follow the footsteps of Lisbeth Salander and Mikael Blomkvist read this article from the Local. You can also purchase a map if you prefer that. They are sold at the City Museum.

Go see a graffiti in Snösätra
Snösätra Wall of fame is one of Europes largest places with legal walls. That means that everyone can paint here ***
Once a year the Kulturkvarter Snösätra arranges a graffiti-festival called Springbeast here. Then graffiti-artists from all around the world gather here for 4 days to repaint the whole place!
But even if you happened to miss the festival – the place is still worth a visit.
Head to the green line and take the subway to Rågsved. From Rågsveds station you have to walk for like 10 minutes.

***Be sure to paint on the Big Bag area or on the outsides of the place. The “main road” is curated by someone and you need to have a permission to paint there.

Paintings by unknown artists + Nino Come

Go to the gym!
If you happen to be one of those sporty people who loves a sweaty work out – head to one of Stockholms many outdoor-gyms! The gyms are totally free of charge and many people use them after they have been out running.
Find your nearest gym here

Discover the worlds longest art exhibition – the metro!
Ok this one is not entirely free because you need a metro ticket but I thought I´ll list it anyways. The ticket costs 39 SEK (3.3 euro) and is valid for 75 minutes so I still think it´s a good price since it is the worlds longest art exhibition.
The stockholm metro is filled with art! When a new station is been built there is an open call and one or two shortlisted artists gets the honor to do the art at that station. The stations are from different decades which also makes it interesting since we may have one station with art from the 50s and then the next stations art is super contemporary!
There is also temporary exhibitions in the metro fex in Skanstull where you can see video-art.


What are your favourite FREE things to do in Sthlm? Any ideas?

xoxo / Salla V
Originally posted: 2023-07-27