Here waiting for lunch at Leybato beach in the Gambia

Welcome to my explorer-blog!

Hello friend and welcome to my explorer-blog 🙂
My name is Salla and i´m originally from Sweden.

I´ve always been curious. Ever since I was a kid I´ve always wanted to know why? and how? about everything. So its not so surprising that I grew up to be an artist and a traveler. I love exploring new things, big or small. And I am as fascinated by a puddle or a small snail on a leaf as of experiencing new cities or exploring unknown landscapes.

My travels happen on both the outside and the inside. By that I mean that I like to physically experience new places and things but I also like to learn and understand the things I encounter.

2021 I spent in Barcelona, 2022 in Sweden and now in 2023 i´m in The Gambia. I hope this blog will bring you inspiration or new thoughts 🙂

Feel free to reach out if you wonder something!

xoxo/ Salla Vartiainen