Afternoon tea review – The NoMad hotel

Originally posted: 240622

Hej friends!
I´m in London making a series about Afternoon tea. In the last blog post we enjoyed tea at the Royal Lancaster. In today’s blog-episode we are going to visit the NoMad hotel!

The NoMad hotel London

The door opens magically when I approach the NoMad hotel. The smiling doorman that has opened the door greets me warmly and guides me calmly across the dramatic lobby to the tea garden.

Subtle yet dramatic entrance at the NoMad hotel in London

The NoMad hotel London is a 5 star hotel located in Covent Garden. The building that houses the hotel is over 200 years old and has a history of being both a magistrates court and a police station before it became this beautiful hotel. The interior has been transformed by the famous design studio Roman and Williams, who are known for their calm luxurious interior decoration style.

The tea garden is located in a beautiful conservatory. High high glass ceiling, pilars and stuccos, plants and greenery, eclectic interior design with marble tables, velvet couches in green and blue hues and fringed cushions in complement colors.

I just love the interior design here, and the light! I mean, who would´nt want to live in a conservatory?

I am shown to my table by a waiter who discretely lets me know that the tea menu is hidden under the napkin.

Romantic couples, girlfriends, and a birthday party. The clientele here are more dressed up than at the Royal Lancaster. One woman has a beautiful fuchsia dress and another one has amazing red earrings that I secretly covet behind my tea menu.


It’s time to choose a tea.
The waiter, who fittingly gives me a bit of mad hatter vibes, recommends a smokey green tea called Japanese Genmaicha to go with the savory sandwiches.

The menue is full of (for me) unknown teas

The tea has a light lemon yellow color and a weird bouquet, smokey indeed, and it tastes a bit like some one is cooking food. I drink the strange tea and the waiter brings in the savory cake-stand.

I manage to make a mess on my plate with the egg salad with black truffle & chive-sandwich and another waiter appears from thin air and discretely changes the plate to a new one.

While I enjoy the sandwiches the mad hatter returns with a cocktail! It´s a virgin “Nod to nothing” and he lets me know that it´s on the house.


The savory scone contains blue cheese with sage and comes together with something that I can´t quite identify. Is it some kind of butter or is it clotted cream?
The sweet scones contain rum currant & orange zest and are served with clotted cream and jam.

Look at these desserts! I want to wear them like jewellery


For the sweets I choose a white peony tea from Malawi. The tea has the usual yellow orange color and the taste is not very memorable.

I´m here on a Saturday and the tea costs 65 pounds per person.

A mirror selfie. Can you spot me?:)

Score 4/5

The service here is really really good and they have an excellent timing in everything they do. It´s like a well choreographed dance where you as a guest don´t really notice the waiters until they magically appear just when you need them, before you ever knew that you needed them.

The score of 4/5 is based on the following parameters

Food 4
Atmosphere 4.5
Service 4.5
First impression 4
Price 3

Next time we are visiting the Royal Drury theater to check out their Afternoon tea!
Stay tuned!

xoxo/Salla V
originally posted: 240622

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