Arriving in the Gambia

On thursday I finally arrived in the Gambia.
The apartment has two small rooms with a toilet and a shower. And its located on the second floor so the wind is blowing very nicely if I open the windows. Clean and safe and the light is nice 🙂

The apartment in Kotu

The view

Early friday morning I wake up by someone tapping on one of the windows. It´s a small bird with a long beak and it makes small squeeking sounds which sound like rubber.
I lay in bed and watch the bird.
I later find out its called a sunbird

sunbird the gambia
The sunbird that woke me up


The first days have been all about relaxing and taking care of practical things like buying things we need to start living. Like an electric cooker, pot and pan, cleaning materials and those kind of things.

Shop with electric appliences in Manjai

Here most of the things are bought second hand. People ship containers from Europe with discarded but functional things and then sell them here. That´s why some things are actually more expensive here than in Sweden. Many of the sellers are Nigerian and they drive a hard bargain.

Picking out an extension cord in a shop in Manjai

The apartment is nice and the neighbors are too. There are three dogs living here in these compounds. One of the dogs has learned how to open the gate by him self so they all can go out and pee without needing to wait for a human to let them out. I will try to take a picture of them!

Next week we are thinking about going to Senegal.
xoxo/ Salla V