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Africa The Gambia Travelblog

Family and Rebels

Family and Rebels We went to visit the family. They only live like an hours drive away from the apartment so it´s easy to go and see them. It was great to see them all again <3 We drank tea and chatted and ate food. The children came home from Dara (koran-school which is like …

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Africa The Gambia Travelblog

Off-season and Gambian food

Off-season approaching in the Gambia The off-season is really starting here now. Not many tourists around and many restaurants and shops have limited their opening-hours. The white people you see are so called ”Gambian toubabs” aka people who either live here permanently or have been travelling back and forth between their original country and the …

Africa The Gambia Travelblog

Arriving in the Gambia

Arriving in the Gambia On thursday I finally arrived in the Gambia. The apartment has two small rooms with a toilet and a shower. And its located on the second floor so the wind is blowing very nicely if I open the windows. Clean and safe and the light is nice 🙂 The apartment in …