Family and Rebels

We went to visit the family. They only live like an hours drive away from the apartment so it´s easy to go and see them. It was great to see them all again <3
We drank tea and chatted and ate food. The children came home from Dara (koran-school which is like sunday school for christians) and Bubas sister who usually lives with her husband also was there with her new baby.

How cute is this baby?

Dressing up for Tobaski

Bubas sister that still is living at home was planning for her dress for Tobaski and she showed me examples of outfits that looked like the clothes movie stars wear on the red carpet! I have never been in the Gambia during Tobaski before so I´m really looking forward to see everyone get dressed up to their teeth!

Tobaski is a holiday that is celebrated every year.
During the celebration people usually cook a lot of food, pray, and eat and mingle with friends and family and neighbours.

Tobaski 2023
Examples of Tobaski-dresses

Rebels in Casamance

Bubas mother had just arrived from a trip to Casamance the day before and while we sat there chatting and drinking tea she told us that the bus she was traveling with was ambushed by rebels!
This is very dangerous. The rebels have been robbing and killing people for years at Gambias south border to Senegal and there have been times when traveling there has not been recommended for anyone.

Gambia casamance
Rebels in the Casamance area. Picture from

The Casamance conflict has been ongoing since december 1982. It first started in the city of Ziguinchor when the recently formed Movement of Democratic Forces of Casamance (MDFC) started demanding autonomy for Casamance from the rest of Senegal.
It is believed that the conflict is rooted in the Casamance-regions marginalization since it is separated from rest of Senegal thanks to the borders drawn by colonialist hands.
It´s estimated that a 150 000 people has relocated from thea area due to the conflict.

According to the newspaper Foroyaa the ambush was a continuation of the actions from may 5 when rebels blew up a Senegalese military vehicle which activated the conflict again.

At the family compound

Luckily Bubas mother and the other passengers were not harmed. One of the passengers managed to call the army and they came to the rescue. But were told that 9 of the soldiers DIED before the bus could continue to their destination. Totally crazy! And it´s hard to believe these things are happening. We are all happy that she is ok, although she is still quite shaken of course.
xoxo/ Salla V