Found a hidden gem in Fajara!

Originally posted 2023-06-10

The day we were visiting the Gambian National Library and the bookstore Timbooktoo our car broke down.. While we waited for the mechanics to identify the problem I went to look for a store to get us something to drink.

With my mind set on a supermarket or a local cornershop I first walked by this place. But after a couple of meeters my brain said “Wait! What? What was that?” and I had to return to check it out. And I´m glad I did! It turned out to be both an art gallery and a really cozy looking restaurant!

Boutique restaurant Gambia Fajara
Nice entrance!

The African Living Artcenter & Yosh restaurant

You first enter the art gallery African Living Artcenter which is open by appointment only. Then you go out on the back side and cross a small bridge into the next building where Yosh restaurant is! The whole place looks like a colonialist dream.

African Living Artcenter the Gambia



The entrance to this place is quite anonymous and if you dont look inside the fenced area you will surely miss it! But its on the same side as (and quite near) the bookshop Timbooktoo.
We´re surely going to return to try the food some evening!

xoxo/ Salla V