Friends and a Dali-exhibition at IDEAL Barcelona!

Originally posted 20210717

When I was a teenager I was totally obsessed with Salvador Dali.
I don´t know if it was the famous mustache, the madness or that he reminds me of my dad that made him so interesting.

I used to skip school and go to Moderna Museet (The museum of modern art) in Stockholm and just stare at L’Énigme de Guillaume Tell (Thanks for the free entrance for kids government). Or I´d sit in some dark coffee shop reading books about him while smoking cigarettes and writing in my notebooks.

“L’Énigme de Guillaume Tell” or “The Enigma of Wilhelm Tell”. In the painting we see Dalis father holding the new born. The meat represents that the father wants to eat him (if I remember correctly) and the small peanut-crib under his foot was that he wanted to crush him? Or maybe his mother?

Even though my teenage obsession with Dali has luckily kind of faded I still got really happy when I saw that IDEAL happened to have a Dali exhibition while I´m in Barcelona! So I met up with friends and off we went!

Happy gang <3

The first part of the exhibition was mostly made up by text about Dali and the different areas that interested him. The internet on my phone didn’t want to collaborate so I tried to read it in Spanish and understood maybe about half of it. I wish I could have understood all of it because I feel that I kind of started becoming more interested by Dali again while reading about the interests.

The second part is the big room in IDEAL where they do the main exhibitions. Here they project film on all of the walls and on the floor. Some of the animations were really trippy and cool! Especially the sketches made by AI that gave me a nightmarish feeling that something was about to go terribly wrong! It was also cool to see Dalis well known objects and characters move!

Immersive projections make up the exhibition

But the best part of the exhibition was the VR-experience in the end! We all got headsets and followed arrows on the floor into a room that was not a room – but a ship! In the sky! So there we were peacefully floating among the clouds, with Gala Dali as a kind of figurehead at the prow of the ship.

Then the elephants came! Herds of Dalis elephants with the spider like long legs marched by on both sides of the ship. An egg containing the space was placed in the middle of the deck and strange sounds started playing when you came near it. Then we were in the desert and giant ants came rustling through the sand.

A very blurry picture to give you an idea which elephants i´m talking about

I wish I could have taken photographs of the VR-experience but just trust me – if you happen to be in Barcelona before the exhibit ends in august – it is SO worth to go and experience it!

xoxo/Salla V
Originally posted 20210717