Helsinki day 1 – Hardcore gay men, leather and relatives!

Originally posted: 2023-08-01

After we waking up and exiting the boat we headed straight to Kauppatori which is a market square where you can buy food and crafts and all kinds of things. It is conveniently located on the way from the harbor to the museum.

We found a café with the classical Marimekko pattern Unikko (Poppy) so we stopped and had some tea and shared a finnish piggy-donut.


Then we left our luggage at the railway station and headed straight to the museum of contemporary art – Kiasma!

I love artmuseum architecture. The buildings are very often so calm and soothing. Kiasma is designed by an american architect called Steven Holl

Kiasma and Tom of Finland

I think Tom of Finland is a quite well known artist in Europe today, but it was not so long ago that his works were deemed inappropriate by the general public. And they are quite spicy one might say, gay daddies dressed in leather with bulging pants and suggestive gazes.


The gazes and the body language was something he worked consciously with, especially during the time when it simply was not possible to be explicit.



Kiasma is a great building. We walked around the exhibition rooms looking at men and dicks and men enjoying dicks until our brains got totally full and we decided to go to the cafeteria and eat lunch.

And did some shopping

After lunch we went to check in the museum shop (isn´t it almost mandatory?). I bought a funny pin that said “I am Jerry Saltz” which I thought was appropriate since I have written my very first exhibition review haha
I also bought a fridge magnet with Tom of Finland and a deck of cards that are supposed to help you get new ideas when you view art.

I hope I´ll meet Jerry Saltz one day while I´m wearing this pin

Maija the dog!

Then we took the metro to my aunties house where we were greeted by the dog Maija!
Maija hadn´t met us before so we were a bit worried that she might not let us enter the house since no one else in the family was home – but when we arrived she was just super happy running around and around and around from one person to the next until she got all exhausted and had to take little nap on the couch.


Then everyone came home and there were a lot of hugs and talking! <3<3<3

xoxo/Salla V

Originally posted: 2023-08-01

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