Hello Darlings!

So WHO in their right mind starts a blog in 2023?
And WHO resigns from a steady, relatively well paid, job to become an explorer with zero income?
Well the answer is… me! 🙂

I´ve recently resigned from my job here in Stockholm, Sweden, to move to the Gambia where the plan is to look for peace within, while also exploring the Gambia as a country!

This is not the first time im travelling to the Gambia, but its the first time that I´m going to stay for longer than a month.

The Gambia 2004
Me 20 years ago heading to the beach in Sanyang

During this time I´m hoping to:
  • learn more about the Gambia and the Gambian people
  • learn more about Africa as a continent by hopefully reading interesting books and making short trips to the neighbouring countries
  • meet interesting people
  • learn one of the many languages spoken in the country!
  • And have time to paint, which I think there will be plenty of time for 🙂

I´ve managed to find a nice newly built apartment in Kotu, which is a walking distance from both the beach and Senegambia (the tourist-area in the Gambia). Walking distance felt important since I don´t have the guts to drive in the crazy Gambian traffic and also because I enjoy walking a lot.

On this blog I´ll share my trip with you 🙂

xoxo/ Salla V