Rain season and books

Originally posted 2023-06-07

The rain season is approaching. The winds in the evenings are stronger and cooler. The humidity is on a nice low level for now but I know that august – september will be sticky. I´ve only been in Gambia once during the rain season and then it rained only one time! I was very dissapointed haha

The rains cause a lot of problems here every year though, like flooding and destroying the dirt roads so that neither people nor cars can use them. After the rain the dirt roads get all bumpy which causes damages to the cars that have to use the roads. I don´t know if there is any effort from the government side to level up the roads again after the rain.
This year though, they are strengthening some parts of the main highway – Bertil Harding Highway. Hopefully it will help a bit.

Books about the gambia national library

The Gambia national library

We went to the library today to enquire about getting a library-card so I can borrow books. I´m hoping there will be other kind of books here than at home, maybe other topics or views.
The Gambia national library is located in Banjul and we had to drive around for a while before we found it. It was the same thing a couple of years ago when we went there. It is located on the side of the National Assembly Arena.

Books gambian writers national library gambia

The lovely lady in the reception told us that the fee for a library card is 200 GMD per year. Thats like 3 Euro. You can borrow two books at a time and you can keep them for two weeks, then you have to return them.

Timbooktoo bookstore gambia


I had forgotten to bring my passport to the library so we went to Gambias best sorted bookstore – Timbooktoo in Bakau. I bought some books from local authors and also some more international ones.

Timbooktoo bookshop in the Gambia

These are the books I bought
– The outcast by Ousman Minteh
– Fate of an African president by Fodeh Baldeh
– Do not disturb by Michaela wrong
– Half of a yellow sun by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
– The agony of superstition by Amadou Sowe


I will be writing short reviews of them HERE


I also found a dead butterfish on the beach the other day – it was grinning towards me with its big teeth. When I wanted to take the mouth home Buba looked at me and said – “you are more than strange” haha.

The car smelled like rotten fish the whole way home.
xoxo/ Salla V

Originally posted 2023-06-07