Shopping-day in Barcelona!

Originally posted 2023-07-15

I´m here! The flight from Yundum airport in Banjul to El Prat in Barcelona took only like 5 hours! That was really nice since I absolutely do NOT like flying. I´m not scared or anything, it´s just that I hate to be crammed up like sardines with people who talk loudly, take up all your space and eat salami-sandwiches while their kid kicks your seat.

This flight was cool though, I bought a window seat and could look at all the lights passing by down there. No one was eating salami and I brought earplugs like I usually do.

Earth full of diamonds

Hostal Baler and shopping

I took a taxi from Prat to Hostel Baler where I´m staying. Room is small but clean and they have shower gel and shampoo which is good since I didn´t bring any.

I know i “should” have made the bed and opened the curtain and removed all my stuff but I just dont feel like pretending that everything is perfect all the time 🙂

Hostal Baler is located near Hostafrancs where I used to stay. So the next morning, after a croissant and some juice, I went shopping in all my favorite shops! I´m a sucker for colorful dresses and everything that is just a little “too much”, so Barcelona is the perfect shopping city for me.

Some new shiney “too-much” objects for me <3

One of my favorite shops, Farola, was closing though. I really hope they will emerge again in some new format soon.

Barcelona is my dress heaven. Which one do you think I should buy?

No hedgehog-cake at Casa vives

I also paid a visit to Casa Vives to see if my hedgehog cake was there. But it wasn´t :/
(The year I lived here I used to photograph its different expressions and in the end my friends bought it for a surprise party and we macabrely enough ate it!)

Barcelona is full of pastelerias with delicios desserts 😛

You can really tell that I´ve been nothing but relaxing in the Gambia for the past couple of months, my body is all upset after the short sleep and all the shopping-walking 😀
Early bed and maybe I´ll try to finish Michela Wrongs book “Do not disturb” which I´ve been grinding through a couple of weeks now. And tomorrow I´ll hopefully get to meet my friend Zoë!
xoxo/Salla V

Originally posted 2023-07-15