The first rain

Originally posted 2023-06-19

So the first rain came down in Kotu early this morning. I woke up by the water tapping on the windows and drumming on our surrounding neighbors corrugated steel roofs. All the birds had flown for shelter somewhere and the neighborhood dogs that usually sing and bark in the night had all went to hide inside. Only the rain was playing.

All the palmtrees have been washed

Later when we woke up again the world was already awake. I looked outside and our compound neighbors were at work putting more concrete on holes that had let in water into their house during the night. The ladies were mopping floors and the road outside the compound had turned to a red mud. The rain had carefully wiped the red dust from all the trees and bushes and roofs and the world was green and fresh again.

And all the roofs are clean

Some water had sipped in from our balcony and my roll with unpainted canvases was all wet in one end. But in return the rain had cleaned all the windows and mosquito-nets and the air smells fresh and nice.

xoxo/ Salla V
Originally posted 2023-06-19