Trip to Barcelona!

Originally posted 23-07-08

Summer is going by fast and being here in the heat makes me miss the cold Swedish summers. Sweden is really at it´s best during summer time when everything is lush and green and people are outdoorsy and more happy. Throw in a garden or a summer cottage (very common in Sweden) in the mix and it can feel close to being in paradise.

So I booked a ticket home, but with a short stop (14-18 july) in Barcelona!

This is Museu Nacional d´art de Catalunya or The National Art Museum of Catalunya (MNAC). They also have a nice botanical garden that you can visit <3

Some of you may know that Barcelona was my home during the pandemic-year of 2021. I lived in Hostafrancs and the whole year was dedicated to painting and just being able to immerse my self in my art. During the year I also met a lot of lovely people and we formed an amazing friendgroup which I really really still miss a lot. There is something magical about surrounding your self with other artists who understand your references and also question your work and make you grow.
Barcelona it self is also a very cultural place where you can find art around every corner.

Walls in Les Corts – one of the places for street art in Barcelona

I havn´t been back since I moved to Sweden so I´m really exited to go! Most of the friendgroup have unfortunatelly travelled back to their home countries but one of my dearest friends is still there so looking forward to going!
I´m also hoping to be able to go to some exhibitions, check out some street art and maybe do some shopping.

xoxo/Salla V
Originally posted 23-07-08