Visiting sculptor Carl Eldhs studio museum in Stockholm!

Originally posted: 2023-07-21

Today we are visiting the studio of one of my favorite sculptors of all time! Carl Eldhs former studio has, since his death, been turned into a studio-museum and although he is my favorite sculptor I´ve never actually visited this place before!

Carl Eldh (1873-1954) was one of Swedens most acknowledged sculptors. He rose to fame for his many sculptures of famous Swedish people like King Oscar II and the Swedish author August Strindberg. Many architects commissioned him to do work for them and his works can be seen around Stockholm.

There is no denying that the man did a lot of work!

My favourite sculpture by Eldh

My favorite sculpture is the one of Strindberg which is located near Strindbergs former home at Drottninggatan 85 (which also has been transformed into a museum). The statue is sometimes called “Titanen” (the Titan). The statue is super-dramatic and reminds me of a half-crazy boyfriend I was messily involved with in the 90s.
Just like I used to skip school and go stare at Dalis painting L’Énigme de Guillaume Tell (which you can read about here), that statue was also one of my go to places when I needed to think in my younger days.

This sculpture of Strindberg is also kinda cute

The studio

The studio is very light and crowded with statues and studies of all sizes and shapes. The guide told us that artists usually destroyed the plaster originals once the piece was cast in bronze but that Eldh kept almost all of his studies and originals.



The admission is 120SEK (10.4 euro) if you are an adult and 100SEK (8.7 euro) if you are a student or retired. If you happen to be 0-15 years old you can enter for free! Every full hour there is a free presentation.

He looks very harmonious don´t you think?

I wonder if Eldh kept all the sculptures in here though.. I cant imagine trying to work when a crowd of people stands and stares at you from every corner. I would be totally stressed out 😀

It´s like rush hour in here

The house also had a small cute garden with flowers and coffee for 20SEK (1.7 euro). Near by we also found a nice café where we ate lunch before leaving.

Xoxo/ Salla V

Originally posted: 2023-07-21